AlMalqa District Riyadh

Luxury Contemporary, Art Deco and Eclectic

The women’s Majlis is one of the most luxury spaces in this house, adorned with custom-made high-end pieces sourced from around the world. As per our client’s request we covered all the walls with a warm wood wall cladding.

The CNC with mirror adds a glamorous look to the room.

Carpet and cushion fabrics are all customized with the best velvet, silk and embroidery details. All the art pieces are carefully chosen or custom made to complement the rest of the room’s décor.

Lighting is critical; it sets the ambience to any room. We used light strategically to create a luxurious look in the majlis. As well as the beautiful downlighters in the partition and shelves, we also introduced a fireplace to add a warm yet luxurious feel to the space. The large windows bring in natural light, which is, of course, the best kind of lighting for any space.

By the end of the build, we had defined a luxurious feminine space that was perfect for girlfriends to gather over a great coffee and even better conversation.

While the rest of the house has contemporary décor, this room leading to the pool has a different style. The client wanted it to be designed with a Moroccan theme. We introduced special customized lanterns made in Morocco and a unique handmade Arabic pendant light in the middle.


The fabric chosen for the upholstery is waterproof so even if anyone sits on it wet from the pool, it would never mark. The pouffe in the centre of the room has a charming Moroccan-style detail and the cushions are a mix of inspirations from different cultures.

This is one of the calm zones in the house, with both pool and garden view having beautiful interiors.

This room was designed for an 18-year-old teenager. Yasmin sat down with the client and got to know the personality of the daughter before suggesting a blue theme room, based on the girl’s favorite color.

According to the client’s wishes Yasmin created a cozy space with dark walls with blue infused through the carpet, centerpieces and cushions. The long sofas are great for a larger gathering of friends or to lie on and browse a book.

A trendy teenage space is incomplete these days without something in neon! Yasmin introduced wall designs in a special shade of neon that make the space fresh and youthful.

In one corner of the room Yasmin introduced a diverse and eye-catching wall installation of shelves with plants matched with few boxed lighting to brighten the corner. Next to this we created a casual seating arrangement where friends and family can share light meals or sip on an evening coffee.

The client requested a youthful space where she could hang out with her friends. Yasmin decided to create this industrial-themed multipurpose room which the client could use differently according to the occasion.

The room is designed in three zones:

The first zone is the dining zone where friends can gather together over coffee and snacks. The second zone is a cosy zone with comfortable sofas and cushions facing the fireplace and TV. The last zone is a family kitchen.

The materials used for the furniture and upholstery are a mix of wood, metal, linen, wool, and fur. The wood for the furniture and the rug add a vintage look to the space. The carpet and the chandelier have been specially customized for this room according to our client’s specification.

The big leather sofa instantly brings a warm American country feel to the space. The big polished brass partition ups the luxury element in the otherwise industrial style room.

Finally a greenery wall has an illuminated, handpicked quote by the client, which is of sentimental value to her.

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