Takhassusi Street – Part 1

Luxury Contemporary and Art Deco

On one end of the buzzing Takhasussi Street in Riyadh, you will find a sprawling mansion that instantly catches your eye.

What lies inside is an even more stunning interior, thanks to Yasmin and her team.

The client approached Yasmin to help her convert the space into a series of art-inspired luxurious interiors. Over six months, Yasmin and team worked on the design and construction of the interiors, with a luxury contemporary and art deco theme in mind.

For a completely royal look, we went for a classic warm color pallet of natural beige, gold, champagne and burgundy.

The majlis space was huge so we decided to do something different to make use of the space by dividing it into three zones. Zone 1 focuses on the main seating, most of the sofas are concentrated here. Burgundy cushions added a pop of color to the otherwise understated sofas.

The wool carpets were custom made in Italy, designed to complement the décor. The tables are all glass and steel. The big wall covering which is one of the focal points of the room is made of luxurious silk and goes splendidly with the whole theme.  However, the star of the show is the gigantic yet gorgeous chandelier in the middle of the room, made of more than 2000 pieces of honey, white, and clear glass crystals (yes, you read that right, 2000 pieces!).

In zone 2 we have a small brown sofa as a waiting space before proceeding inside. And last but not least, we have zone 3 which is for more intimate meetings or smaller gatherings.

Every piece of art in this space was customized, ordered to perfectly suit the space. We ensure that in every project we take on, the client doesn’t get an ‘off the catalog’ look. Instead, they get exactly what they visualized for their dream home. That’s what matters in the end, right?

The main dining of a palace sees quite a few royal and important guests. The client requested for an impressive dining space where they could entertain their VIP guests. The main challenge was to work around a unique request – a dining space with 36 chairs.  We had to custom-make the tables so they look grand but also don’t hinder with the logistics and circulation. The tables are marble top with a shiny steel base and the chairs are upholstered in a luxurious fabric.

The statement piece in this room is the wall covering that lights up the room with its teal design.

We break up space by adding this buffet table in teal color fitted with a long mirror next to it to open up the space.

We upped the luxury element by adding a stunning chandelier, two meters long and composed of a mix of honey-coloured and clear glass crystals.

For this stunning esteraha majlis, the focal point is the open book marble in the center. We spent a quite some time finalizing this since it’s a natural material, finding the right texture and color was key.

The customized rug follows a neoclassic pattern but we introduced royal blue color for a modern twist.


The table has a glossy piano finish with a unique honey color mirror top.

On two sides of the marble, we installed special panels with long lights inside.

The chairs on the side of the sofa are handcrafted from wood, the royal blue adding an extra element to the already luxurious setup.

This space has mostly contemporary furniture, with attention paid to the trimmings and finer details.

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