Takhassusi St – Part 2 – Riyadh

Luxury Contemporary and Art Deco

Everyone needs a little sunshine in their life. With this in mind, Yasmin Alsdais designed a pretty sun room for this palace.

We love incorporating natural elements into our design. Here Yasmin Alsdais has woven together sunlight and greenery seamlessly, making each stand out in a stunning way by using delicate white furniture and fabric. The result is this uplifting sunny space where one can host endless tea parties or just relax with a good book on a winter morning.

Yasmin’s client wanted a bright space in their palace. A room where the sunlight streams in effortlessly and instantly uplift the spirits.

After a lot of thought and effort, the ‘sunroom’ was born.

The room creatively plays with delicate whites, smooth cream, soft fabrics, reinvigorating greenery and natural light to stunning effect.

Creating this Moroccan seating area was one of Yasmin’s favourite parts of the design process. An interior design style that originates in Morocco inspired this diverse area, rich in cultural traditions and history. Characterized by colorful fabrics, it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become so popular around the world.

Our first creative decision was to add classic Moroccan mosaic tiles on the walls. At each side, Moroccan lanterns hang in a pendant style.

The art on the walls is customized to complement the color palette and the Moroccan/Islamic theme. The cushions have Arabic detailing in keeping with the theme.

The big coffee table in the center is adorned with the large Moroccan tray. It’s a lovely space for the family to gather around to sip on some Moroccan tea or just have a simple dinner.

The family living space opens into an ornate Moroccan room. The color palette here is very Mediterranean with pristine whites, sea blues and classic Moroccan inspired purples. The walls are decked with Arabic calligraphy art framed beautifully by Moroccan lanterns.

What grabs the attention as you enter this room is the unique fabric on the sofa. Design enthusiasts will instantly recognize these as classic Matthew Willamson designs.

Matthew is internationally renowned for his signature aesthetic and especially for the kaleidoscopic colors used in his designs. His collections reflect a sense of glamor that we loved infusing in our designs.

Our color palette includes aquamarine, azure blue, turquoise, coral and jade combined with quieter tones of ivory, pearl, and silver.

The theme in this room is predominantly Oriental, as demonstrated by the urns and vases placed in the centre of the room and the Chinese print plates hanging on the wall.

The color palette adds life and vibrancy to this comfortable room, perfect for the whole family to hang out together.

Yasmin focused on a metallic decor to create this stunning men’s seating room. The room is meant to act as a ‘guy’s space’ where friends can hang out, play games and have fun. The tables, ottomans, shelves, and metallic accessories, especially the mirrored shelves, stand against a subdued backdrop.

Between each shelf set, we introduced special lighting that is surrounded by memorabilia and artifacts that reflect the young and youthful vibe of the room.  The mirrored table in the middle complements the mirrored shelves on the wall, tying together to the whole look.

This room is dominated by gold, cream, white, and chrome, which come together to create this effortlessly elegant effect.

The main color palette is contrasted by the green, black, and yellow patterned cushions on the sofa that keeps the space looking trendy yet luxurious.

Here at Yasmin Interiors, we pay attention to detail. From cushion patterns to decor colors, a finer appreciation for the little things makes our final design all the more beautiful.

For the pool the client requested a calm spa style vibe. Keeping this as the central theme, Yasmin designed it to have a natural look, bringing greenery in to complement the still waters of the pool.

It’s not just the sights that calm you, it’s the sounds too. With this in mind, Yasmin installed a waterfall at one end of the pool. The gushing water falling on stone creates a calming natural ambience. To create a starry night ambience we installed a fiber-optic ceiling that creates the effect of stars overhead as you take a dip.

While the above elements succeed in creating a natural atmosphere, we also wanted to keep it luxurious.

The mother of pearl pattern pillar and the all-natural marble flooring lend to the overall spa look of the space. The abstract mosaic wall covering and the pool bar with onyx marble adds extra glamour.

We ensured there’s also a space to relax after a few laps in the pool. Reclining chairs for our clients and tables on the side to rest their cool drinks are placed along the pool.

A well designed room is easily distinguishable from the rest. You can instantly feel it when you notice the harmony in the space, the purposefulness of each piece, the ease with which the colors complement and contrast each other.

Here at Yasmin Interiors we work to ensure that we offer our clients a considered, intentionally designed functional space that they look forward to return to again and again.

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